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Helsinki Athletics Cheerleaders HAC ry

Helsinki Athletics Cheerleaders HAC ry is a competitive cheerleading club from Helsinki, Finland. The club was founded in 2002 and is a member of Finnish Cheerleading Federation. HAC is one of the biggest and most successful cheerleading clubs in Finland. HAC teams have achieved success also on the international levels (such as in ICU Europeans and ICU World Cheerleading Championships).

HAC has both cheer and dance teams. The club has almost 800 members in 30 teams.
We have a team for everyone! You can start cheerleading when you’re 4 or 100 years old! We have teams for every individual, regardless of gender.

HAC is run by a coaching coordinator and club coordinator, 95 educated coaches and a great amount of volunteers.

If you want to start cheerleading or cheer dance, please contact the coaching coordinator (valmennus(a)hac.fi) for further information.

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HAC Office

Executive director

Planning, executing and developing the club’s operations, sponsorships and recruitment.


Henri Haukkovaara

Coaching coordinator
Contact: new members, matters related to coaching, cooperation

+358 40 032 0916

Nina Nyberg

Professional Coach

+358 40 032 0780

Hanna Salo

Club coordinator
Contact: members, events, billing

+358 40 1549802

Billing information

Business ID: 1811499-7
By einvoice: 003718114997
Einvoice intermediator: 003708599126 (Liaison)
IBAN: FI85 3131 3001 2633 91

By email (pdf): fennoa.FI.P.125219-6@docinbound.com.

By mail: Helsinki Athletics Cheerleaders HAC ry, Helsinki
PL 57596
01051 LASKUT